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The Future of Body Protection

Armaros is at the forefront of equestrian safety equipment.

Whereas current body protectors lack flexibility and reliability, Amaros’s Guardian Angel combines sleek design with secret modern material technology to ensure complete comfort and full protection against accidents whilst riding horses.

All riders have fallen of their horse at some point. It is a potentially dangerous sport,

so protection is vitally important in order to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience.

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Only a body protector that is worn can save you from injury.

This means that comfort, style and great fit are paramount for a body protector not to end up at the bottom of a cupboard.

Armaros’s body protector allows the rider to be fully protected from impact, crushing, piercing and over-bending injuries,

while still maintaining maximum flexibility and comfort, so the body protector doesn’t negatively affect the performance of the rider.

These advances in body protection aid the rider to stay balanced while promoting good posture and can be discreetly worn

underneath a riding jacket.

The Guardian Angel has been designed by riders, so it is comfortable and stylish but also fits all types of body shapes.

Our body protector supports the rider’s spine but also allows flexibility so the spine can perform its natural function whilst protected from impact,

decreasing the chance of severe injury. 

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Esmeralda Bright

CEO & Founder Esmeralda suffered a rotational fall during a top level show jumping show in 2007. Fuelled by her dislike for wearing uncomfortable body protectors (like most riders) and wanting to be safe when doing the sport she loves, she started Armaros. She has an MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design from Imperial College and Royal College of Art as well as a strong background in fashion design and pattern making.

Central Research Laboratory

Armaros is part of 8th cohort at internationally recognised CRL Accelerator, the UK's leading programme for product makers and hardware pioneers. This is a programme that offers unrivalled support for early stage businesses developing hardware products.

Moses Rowen

Our engineering and design consultant Moses is an award-winning innovation designer who specialises in concept development, CAD,

rendering and mechanical systems design. His professional work includes a broad range of applications including medical devices, electric vehicle infrastructure, and robotics for clients such as NASA, Servier,

Enel, and Porsche.

chantilly 2017 GP -Winningmood-Luciana D

Very appealing idea of a more slimline, comfortable material and design, yet still protects up to the regulated standards.

Emily Moffitt, International Show Jumper 


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